Welcome to Kowloon

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The big cities and central squares of China may be all crowded, shiny and safe. But once you step into the labyrinth of those old meandering alleys, you can well be lost in a whole different world! If you’re up for exploring, solving puzzles, and maybe even risking your life – welcome to Kowloon (just don’t outstay your visit)!

Kowloon is not for the faint of heart!

According to the story, you are a somewhat cash poor student looking for a place to rent you can afford. This path leads you into this weird and slightly creepy neighborhood called Kowloon. All you wanted was a place to crash without burning a hole in your wallet. Little did you know that crossing the threshold of his new digs would be like stepping through the looking glass into a land of wackiness!

The heart of this hood is like a breeding ground for poverty and shadiness, a regular utopia for the underworld. The folks in this joint, they’re like master keepers of the cosmic secrets. Every side-eye has a riddle, every whisper carries a clandestine plot twist. It’s like they’re guarding something huge, something forbidden, something that’s just not for peeping Toms. Now you’re curious, and you won’t rest until you lay bare all of Kowloon’s dark secrets! Good luck!

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