Content Warning

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Dive into Content Warning, a game where the thrill of uncovering the supernatural meets the quest for internet stardom in an unexpected symphony of horror and humor. This cooperative adventure sets players against the backdrop of the Old World, a place forgotten by time but rich with anomalies that would send shivers down the spine of any viewer on the surface. Armed with nothing but a camera and a diving bell as their gateway, teams of players are tasked with documenting the undocumentable—capturing encounters with creatures that slink and skitter beyond the laws of physics, and relics that whisper of past tragedies.

Crafting Virality from the Veil of the Unknown

Upon escaping the clutches of the deep, the real game begins. Players upload their harrowing expeditions to SpöökTube, sitting back as the world reacts to the terrors they’ve faced. This game ingeniously marries the mechanics of survival horror with the dynamics of social media fame, where players’ efforts underground are monetized through views and likes above ground. With the game’s innovative features like 2-4 player online cooperation, ASCII-based character customization, and in-game video recording, Content Warning transcends traditional gaming experiences. It challenges players not only to brave the horrors of the Old World but to curate these experiences into content that captivates the digital audience. Through this cycle of exploration, documentation, and viral ambition, Content Warning reshapes the narrative of what it means to chase fame, offering players a chance to achieve internet immortality, if they dare.

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