Tiny Bunny Different Story

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On the outside, it’s a cozy and charming village coated in fluffy snow. But this is actually a creepy place where kids go missing without a trace, and the woods rustle ominously as if holding some dark secret. It’s up to you to figure it out!

What’s lurking in the woods?

The protagonist is a young boy visiting his granny in a god-forsaken village. Naturally, he gets enchanted by this snow fairy tale, with magnificent trees swaying their snow-covered branches in perfect silence of the winter. But these very woods may well become your demise if you’re not careful!

Prepare for an adventure like no other, with constant intrigue, suspense and a dash of the supernatural. You’ll be exploring the village, talking to locals, solving riddles, and most importantly, keeping yourself safe. You’ll uncover the truth behind the dark force, piecing together clues like a snowflake detective on a mission.

Is it a misunderstood forest spirit? A mischievous snow sprite? Or something even more jaw-droppingly unexpected? Don’t worry (or rather, start to), you’ll see everything with your own eyes soon enough! Time to put on your snow boots and find out!

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