Alternate Watch Horror

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Are you ready for an exciting and a little bit spooky mission? Cause there is a real doozy for you – Alternate Watch! Prepare to plunge into the world of astral creepers, shady anomalies and angry ghosts willing to paramake their way to this side and do all sorts of eerie stuff to us, humans! Can you keep them at bay and stand tall against the unfathomable dangers of the spirit plane? Then zoom in on your cameras, we’re about to begin!

Guard the world from astral bastards!

In Alternate Watch, your job is to monitor live surveillance camera footage and spot anomalies in the monitored rooms. This stuff can range from mundane things like furniture movement, to absolutely wild things like ghostly apparitions and otherworldly intruders. You’re gonna need some sharp eyes and a killer memory to make it through the entire night without missing anything crucial!

Track, record and report!

And speaking of crucial, reporting any and all anomalies you track is absolutely essential. These reports will be used to fix any issues that arise and keep everything running smoothly. Just make sure to keep your focus and don’t let anything slip past you! If anything’s for sure in this game, it’s one thing – when you’re on Alternate Watch, anything can happen!

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