Alphabet Lore

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Have you ever seen letters that can talk, walk and even fight? If not, then welcome to Alphabet Lore to see it with your own eyes! It is a thrilling story about their adventures and interaction. The protagonist of this story is a capital letter F. This personage is quite vengeful. He remembers how he was bullied in his childhood by other letters and invents a great plan to punish them all. He will be hunting for some of them! However, the hero does not need many letters, and he is even ready to kill them! Will the main character succeed? Check it out now!

Who will win this fierce fight?

F decides to kidnap some of them to form the word FRIENDS. However, it will turn out that it is not so simple to realize his intentions. Not all characters are ready to follow F’s instructions, and he will need to take some measures to complete his plan. But it will be a real problem to capture N. This letter is very obstinate and ready to confront the protagonist! You will go through many intense fights between them all and will be able to learn the personal stories of many personages. Little kids will adore this game as they will learn all the letters in a very exciting way! Join now and learn the alphabet by playing – it is a lot of fun!

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