Number Lore

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Do you want to have some fun and test your brain at the same time? Then look no further than Number Lore! This fabulous entertainment challenges you with interactive puzzles about numbers. The activity is going to be superb for players of all ages, and especially for kids. The plot introduces numbers and counting. Actually, numbers are the main characters of this adventure. And you will always interact with these cool personages – they look really smart, and each comes with its own bright personality. And it’s thrilling.

Enjoy captivating mini-games

Although, the heroes are numbers, the players do not necessarily need to know them or be smart in counting. On the contrary, the game will become a great teaching tool to all kids who are just getting acquainted with math. The numbers will find themselves in numerous situations where they will need the help of the players. Besides, some tasks will ask the kids to add and subtract numbers. Step by step, they will learn how all numbers look and will learn to make simple manipulations with them. So do not lose any more time – start this funny adventure right now. You will love the thrill and joy that accompanies all these cartoonish mini-games.

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