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In PANICORE, the game unfolds within the grim confines of a daunting hospital, setting the stage for four random patients to seek an escape. With all known exits securely locked or barred, the group is forced to navigate through the sprawling complex, from clinical wards down to the morgue, in hopes of discovering a way out. This task, straightforward in theory, is complicated by the necessity to scavenge for items critical to unlocking the path forward. Each step and decision must be calculated, as missteps lead to fatal encounters and the pervasive atmosphere of dread pushes players to seek refuge in the most humble of hiding spots.

Survival in a Co-op Horror Setting

PANICORE introduces a cooperative survival horror experience where players face relentless monsters and the looming threat of permanent death. The main adversary, a terrifying AI-controlled monster, has a keen ability to detect sounds across a wide radius. This beast not only roams the hospital’s corridors in search of its next victim but also ambushes players from the shadows—precisely where the quest for necessary items may lead. Mistakes are met with merciless consequences, as any patient caught in its grasp meets a gruesome end. The game encourages players to employ stealth, advising them to hide in closets or under beds to avoid detection. Adding a layer of complexity, the cooperative mode demands teamwork among the four players, who must navigate the treacherous environment with scant means of defense. Limited options for slowing the monster, such as spreading and igniting gasoline, along with the absence of hints or a guiding interface, compel players to rely solely on instinct and reflexes for survival.

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