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Uniting Against the Darkness in DEVOUR

DEVOUR invites players into a cooperative survival horror experience where teamwork is the only path to survival against a horde of possessed cultists determined to drag you to hell. Designed for 1-4 players, this game challenges teams to coordinate their efforts to halt the advance of malevolent forces. In an environment where every corner could hide a lurking danger, players run, hide, and strategize to avoid being caught. The game excels in creating a tense atmosphere where the only certainty is the imminent threat of possession. Whether opting to face the horrors alone in the hardcore single-player mode or banding together in online coop, DEVOUR offers a gripping gameplay experience where courage and cooperation are your greatest weapons.

Mastery Over Evil Through Ritual and Resistance

Each themed map presents a new incarnation of the demon goat Azazel, bringing fresh environments to explore, items to collect, demons to overcome, and forbidden rituals to perform. Players are thrust into a race against time to find key ritual items, some of which have minds of their own, to complete the exorcism. The challenge escalates as the possessed cultists grow in fury and number, with the only line of defense being your trusty ultraviolet flashlight. The game’s replayability is enhanced by randomized elements such as locked doors, ritual object locations, and spawn points, ensuring no two games are alike. With unpredictable AI that keeps players guessing, progress is marked by earning experience, raising one’s Cultist Rank, and unlocking vital perks that could mean the difference between life and a grisly demise. DEVOUR also ups the ante with a Nightmare mode for those who dare, along with multiplayer features and full VR support for an immersive horror experience like no other.

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