Welcome to the wild and wacky world of Wormtown – the multiplayer game where you’re trapped in a town ruled by a ginormous sand worm, and your life depends on not touching the ground! It’s a real test for your agility and ingenuity, and also reflexes as you need all of those things to make a successful escape. Are you in?

Get away from the worm!

The game is all about strategy – you can’t just run around like a headless chicken (though, in Wormtown, that might actually work too). You’ll need to plan your route carefully, taking advantage of the ziplines, trampolines, and bridges scattered across the town. Use every bouncy surface and safe ledge to your advantage!

But watch out for traps and obstacles – because Wormtown has its fair share of crazy surprises! Dodging sharp spikes, giant rolling wheels, and swinging wrecking balls might just become your new favorite pastime.

So, get ready for the craziest escape adventure of your life in Wormtown where you’ll jump, swing, and bounce your way to freedom while dodging a hungry sand worm and outsmarting other players. It’s a multiplayer showdown of epic proportions! Start playing and see who survives in the end!

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