Witch Cry 2

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In Witch Cry 2, the adventure continues for young Timmy, who, after a narrow escape from a witch’s domicile, finds himself under the tutelage of Gretel. Their mission: to evade the clutches of the voracious witch lurking in the shadows. The game sets the stage for an immersive experience, urging players to blend into their surroundings while uncovering the dark secrets harbored by the witch and the mystical forest spirits. The narrative unfolds in a secluded house amid the dense forest, home to an elderly woman and her granddaughter. Within these walls lies the key to liberation—a magical red cloak. Players are thrust into a world where discretion is as crucial as discovery, embarking on a quest to find the cloak and escape their fairy-tale prison.

The Art of Magic and Stealth

Armed with a magic wand, players in Witch Cry 2 must master a variety of spells to navigate through puzzles that test their logic and spatial awareness. The game expands its magical repertoire, allowing for environmental manipulation and puzzle-solving that push the boundaries of players’ ingenuity. Drawing inspiration from the grim tale of Little Red Riding Hood, the game weaves a narrative that is both somber and captivating, inviting players to step into a tale of tragedy and dark enchantment. The witch, endowed with advanced artificial intelligence, poses a constant threat, challenging players to stealthily avoid her gaze or find inventive ways to temporarily neutralize her menace. Designed to cater to varying levels of difficulty and equipped with a comprehensive hint system, Witch Cry 2 is engineered to engage players across a broad spectrum of abilities.

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