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Wingspan is a captivating board game that transports players into the vibrant world of birds. Players act as bird enthusiasts aiming to attract a variety of birds to their wildlife reserves. Each bird not only enhances your habitat but also triggers chain reactions of powerful combinations. The game stands out for its blend of strategic depth, educational value, and stunning artwork, making every playthrough a unique exploration of avian diversity. Players are encouraged to balance resource management, species diversity, and habitat expansion to outscore their opponents, all within a framework that celebrates the beauty and intricacy of nature.

How to Play

To navigate the game and emerge victorious, players should focus on the following controls and strategies:

Select Birds: Choose bird cards from a shared pool to add to your hand.
Play Birds: Deploy birds into one of your three habitats, using food tokens as resources.
Collect Food: Utilize the bird feeder dice tower to obtain the food necessary for bird actions.
Lay Eggs: Add eggs to your birds, which are crucial for playing additional birds and scoring points.
Draw Bird Cards: Increase your options and strategic flexibility by acquiring more bird cards.

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