Watermelon Fruit Game

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If you’re a puzzle enthusiast, here’s a new adventure waiting in your favorite genre. Welcome to a fresh and enjoyable watermelon fruit game from a Japanese developer that has already gathered a stunning audience of fans. The primary task is straightforward – stack the fruits into a box. However, before plunging into this exciting journey, there are some essential aspects to grasp. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the algorithms and rules. And what is the most important, master the merging magic.

Let’s delve into the rules!

Players must strategically drop fruits from the top of the screen. But don’t assume you can do it randomly. Even if your virtual box seems spacious, the fruit flow is literally endless. Haphazard throws lead to quick piling and, subsequently, failure. Crossing the upper line is not allowed. However, there’s a secret to success – the ability to merge your fruits. How does it work? Two identical fruits must come into contact, transforming and making way for a larger, different fruit. The final stage of merging achievement is the watermelon, and two watermelons vanish upon contact. Endure as long as possible and think hard for a fantastic score!

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