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Imagine yourself sitting on your majestic throne, sipping on a fruity smoothie, when suddenly, hordes of enemies come charging at your kingdom! Oh no, they must have mistaken your smoothie for a treasure or something. But fear not, oh mighty ruler, for you have the power to summon soldiers and fortify your walls to fend off these pesky invaders!

Hold onto your throne!

In Thronefall, the art of defense is all about keeping things minimal – no need for fancy over-the-top graphics or complicated strategies. It’s all about summoning your trusty soldiers, like a mix of valiant knights, sneaky archers, and even the occasional lumberjack (because, hey, lumberjacks are versatile, okay?).

Now, let’s talk about fortifying those walls – because what’s a kingdom without some sturdy walls to keep out unwanted guests? You’ve got an arsenal of minimalistic fortifications at your disposal, like wooden barricades, stone walls, and even the occasional hedge of thorny roses (for that extra dramatic effect, you know). Looks sturdy enough. Seems like you’re all set for the first wave of monsters! Let the enemies come and good luck in the battle!

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