The Password Game

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Creating an account on a Website should be easy. Unfortunately, most websites make things complicated by adding strange barriers, unclear directions, and odd password requirements. This is a very common and annoying problem, but luckily, The Password Game offers a funny way to solve it.
Developed by, The Password Game is a hilarious spoof of the standard website login process. It starts off with a simple task: choosing a minimum five-character password. Then the game will point out in a humorous way that you have forgotten to add a number and a capital letter. That’s not so hard, is it?
Well, before you know it, The Password Game will have you using algebra, deciphering strange ciphers, and delving into your memory. It will present you with progressively more absurd password requests; you’ll open multiple unrelated tabs, scroll through Wikipedia entries, and feel a little embarrassed when one request violates something else.
This can be a challenging and frustrating experience. But it is also challenging, and some of the passwords are, so silly you can’t stop laughing. The Password Game is really a great idea. And given how much time you’re already wasting trying to log in to real websites, what’s the point of not having a little fun?

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