The Karaoke

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Sometimes, horror stories unveil in absolutely unexpected places. This online game will take to the karaoke club. This place is always associated with fun and joy, but now you will gain an entirely different experience. Your hero is a schoolgirl, who decided to invite her friend to a local karaoke parlor. The girls expected to have a great time, but something went wrong. Both of them will risk their lives, and you need to help them successfully survive through this evening!

Will you make the right choice?

The game creators give players full freedom of action, allowing them to decide on their further actions. The girls get haunted at a particular moment. Now you need to help them run away from their stalkers. There are six possible endings here. Start playing now to see how exactly this adventure will finish for you. Think well before you are sure what to do next as not all the outcomes are actually positive for the protagonists. The fans of horror genre will love special graphics of this entertainment and a really spooky atmosphere!

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