The Karaoke Horror

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People love having fun in karaoke parlors, and the main character of this game is not an exception. You play for Mira, a high school student. She wants to relax after school and offer her friend Moeka to go to sing to a local karaoke club. However, the protagonists do not know yet that they will have to go through a real nightmare. Moreover, they will need to fight for their lives. Are you still ready to learn more? Then let’s start on this cool adventure!

Make instant decisions!

This horror game is quite short but the gameplay is very intensive and you will not have much time to think about the next step. At a certain point, the heroines will understand that they are being chased. It is obvious they need to get rid of their stalkers if they want to remain alive. So what should they do? Now it depends only on the player how the story will develop. You have only several minutes to make all the decisions and choices. Will you rush to rescue your friend when you receive a strange text from her? Or will you continue to enjoy your time in Karaoke until you realize the danger is very close. Are you smart enough to make it safely to the end?

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