The Baby In Yellow Christmas Update

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If you haven’t heard of The Baby in Yellow, it’s a game about caring for a peculiar baby that has been taken over by a devil. He wants to ruin all your plans and make your life a living hell! It is a terrific way to spend some quality time because it is full of humor, terror, and other really bizarre stuff. There is a total of five nights in the game’s plot. Although it’s already cool enough, but have you seen the Christmas update?

Play The Baby in Yellow to celebrate a frightening Christmas!

With its Christmas Chapter, The Baby is Yellow is prepared to welcome Santa. The finest time of the year is right now since it’s Xmas Eve in this adventure game. It’s a really happy event. There are deep snowdrifts behind the windows, everyone is having a great time, and the kids are putting the finishing touches on the Christmas tree. Mother is preparing the turkey as dad is preparing all the presents. However, naturally, things take a gloomy turn at this point, forcing you to strive and come through the night rather than enjoy it. Santa can’t come and save you. You shouldn’t hope for cute elves or reindeer, instead, prepare for all kinds of horrors. One of the challenges even entails a fierce snowball fight

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