Super Bear Adventure is a casual action game with an adventure theme for adults and kids over the age of 3. The game is inspired by the iconic platform and Action games of the late 90s. You take the control of a Teddy Bear and set out to discover a vast world, made up of six levels.
In this world, many different kinds of quests are waiting for you. You will have to avoid numerous traps, try to uncover tens of mysteries, encounter colorful characters, struggle to rescue your friend, and battle with powerful foes.
The Super Bear Adventure gameplay is simple, you can move around the screen using the left joystick, and the right buttons allow to jump, move, interact with various items in the game, and attack.
The gamer is confronted with 6 stages that are designed as little worlds. The locations contain multilevel stages, mobs, power-ups and also different NPCs. The latter must be communicated with and fulfill their duties in order to complete the level.
The main character can be created by anybody. It may be a bear or a donkey. He or she can travel on foot or by vehicle. Places are diverse – there are cities with abandoned buildings, lost cities with caves, wastelands and dwellings. In the game there are two tasks. They are to rescue your fellow players and to collect as far as you can.

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