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How many survival adventures have you already successfully won? Here is a new challenge to put your skills at test. This time you will start in the post-apocalyptic world that suffered a terrible flood after global warming. Now you can see only a few pieces of land with the majority of the territories going down under the water. You are to explore this world and build your base here. Each piece of land is incredibly precious now. So you must occupy one of these and build your fortress there. You will need plenty of resources for this task – and these can be found in the deep waters. Thus you need to explore the sunken territories, cities and other areas to get materials needed.

Do your best to survive!

Unfortunately, only the strongest players will manage to survive in this new environment. You will need to construct not only shelter but also craft some weapons. There are a lot of enemies hunting after your possession – these are evil mutants and treacherous pirates. Get well-armed to fend off their attacks. Once you are strong enough, you can become an attacker yourself. This is the fastest way to get enough resources. You can trade different items here and get what you need from other players. Explore the underwater world and keep developing your base to outperform all others in this environment. You will love this new survival adventure with lots of possibilities and intricate twists. Have fun!

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