Hold onto your fruits, because we’re about to embark on a wild and juicy journey into the vibrant world of Suika! It’s a game that’s as simple as a slice of watermelon, yet as addictive as your favorite summer treat. You’ll be given a box, and your mission is to drop different fruits into it, one by one. But wait, there’s a twist – the crazy Japanese physics makes the fruits stir and roll as you drop them, and they collide into a bigger fruit when touching!

The fruity puzzle adventure

Playing Suika is like being a fruit stack master. Here’s how you can become the ultimate fruit magician:

Your challenge is to drop fruits into your trusty glass box and make them blend into larger fruit stuff when they touch. It’s like whipping together a perfect smoothie!
When two fruits of the same kind rub sides, they merge into another one, next in the fruit chain of reaction. The bigger the fruit, the more points you score.
The Watermelon is the boss fruit here. It will shower you with the most points, but it will also render a large part of the box useless because of its sheer size.
Be careful, though! If the fruits overflow from the box, it’s game over. There’s no time limit, but you’ll need some strategic stacking to reach those high scores.

Can you stack and merge them all?

Unlike traditional puzzle games, Suika is all about planning and patience. It’s a game where you can relax, strategize, and enjoy the sweet and juicy world of fruits. So, are you ready to stack, merge, and conquer the fruity universe in Suika? It’s like a fruit salad of fun, and the only way to win is to stack those fruits, merge them like a pro, and have a blast doing it. Grab your virtual fruit basket, put on your stacking hat, and get ready to dive into the world of deliciousness with Suika!

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