If you love speed and dynamic adventures, you will surely not miss a new episode of Subway Surfers! This time your sprinting skills will be needed desperately! It is a new mission where you need to help the heroes to run as fast as possible overcoming endless hazards on their way. This time, you will start on a new cool race with Jack. You know this cool personage from earlier adventures – hooligan Jack is in Zurich now! He likes the city and decides to make some graffiti on one wall. However, he does not expect the police is so close!

Help Jack escape!

Now, the hero can be punished! How to improve the situation? He can only run away from the police. And your task is to assist him in this daring escape. On your screen, you will see city streets where you must guide your character as he sprints through. However, extreme caution is needed! The path is riddled with various obstacles and traps. By utilizing the control keys, you can guide your hero to swiftly maneuver around or leap over these obstacles. Keep in mind that if Jack happens to collide with an obstacle, he will be immediately captured. Additionally, remember to aid the boy in collecting valuable gold coins and other useful items scattered along the road.

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