Spooky Month

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Spooky Month: A Celebration of the Eerie Every Day

Spooky Month unfolds the animated adventures of two enthusiastic kids, Skid and Pump, who live every day as if it were Halloween. Created by Sr Pelo and shared across Newgrounds and YouTube, this series captures the boundless imagination and humor of celebrating the “Spooky Month,” regardless of the calendar date. Their world, brimming with oddities like attic-dwelling demons, roaming killer dolls, and shadowy cults, becomes the backdrop for their unending festive spirit. The duo’s infamous Spooky Dance becomes a symbol of their joy and defiance against the darkly comic universe they inhabit, spreading the essence of Halloween far and wide, come what may.

A Day in the Life of Halloween’s Most Fervent Fans

The narrative journey begins in the mundane setting of Skid’s bedroom, only to be transformed by the stroke of midnight into a realm where the extraordinary becomes the norm. As Skid and Pump navigate through their day, their simple proclamation of “it’s spooky month” acts as a magical incantation, altering the behavior of those around them, from a dangerous intruder to their own seemingly deceased grandmother. The story is a whimsical exploration of how the spirit of Halloween can turn peril into parody, danger into dance. Their adventure continues through various settings, from movie theaters to graveyards, each vignette adding layers to their quirky celebration of spookiness. In a twist that blends festive cheer with spectral revelry, Skid and Pump’s unyielding enthusiasm for the spooky month even transcends the passage of time, culminating in a delightful merger of Halloween’s chills with Christmas’s charm. Through their eyes, every moment is an opportunity for mischief, camaraderie, and, most importantly, the Spooky Dance, making “Spooky Month” a testament to the joy found in the macabre and the magical.

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