Shovelware’s Brain Game

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Welcome you a new exciting entertainment that will bring a lot of fun to the players of all ages. What is that about? It is a fresh puzzle game that has only one aim – to check your cognitive skills in the most enjoyable way. The project is created in a cartoonish art style, and this approach makes it appropriate for both kids and adults. Are you ready to go through a cute test to have a verdict on your problem-solving abilities? Then wait no more, plunge into this new adventure!

Pass all categories!

There are multiple levels, and they are devoted to different subjects – math, logic, memory. All tasks are presented in a form of puzzles you need to solve. There are plenty of modes here. For example, you can select a mode where the time for your responses is restricted. Or you may opt for a variation where you will be trying to reach a record score. And the most winning feature of this brain teaser is that the game is adapting its difficulty based on your answers. Based on your performance, you will get tasks that you still can manage but you will need to think well! Another exciting possibility is multiplayer mode where you can measure your smartness with other players in real time. There are endless variants to enjoy Shoverlwares brain game! So do not waste any more time – explore it straight away and enjoy it to the fullest!

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