Shipwrecked 64

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We’ve all been there – down for an innocent fishing trip with our pals, boat crashing, we end up on a deserted island. Nothing new. Only this time the island is crawling with monstrous wolves, and the boat can actually be fixed – provided you find the right materials. Plunge right into the thrilling shipwreck quest together with Bucky and his friends, and see if you can survive in Shipwrecked 64!

Shipwrecked 64 Game Features

Simple Yet Epic Storyline: Stranded on a wolf-infested island doesn’t mean lost! It’s a tale of friendship, challenges, and a dash of heroism that only Shipwrecked 64 can deliver.
Varied Tasks for Each Friend: Olive Otter, Giovanni Goose, and Bucky each have their own tasks to tackle. From coconut collecting to oven-turning-off and a treasure hunt, you’re in for quite a bit of multitasking!
Imminent Danger: The wolves are hungry, and you seem like a juicy bite. Free Bucky and his pals from the clutches of wolf-induced punishment before too late!

Bucky and the gang didn’t plan on crashing their ship, but here they are, and they need your help to turn this wild situation into an epic adventure. Go on, be the hero befitting the story and save the day in Shipwrecked 64!

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