Seat Away

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Seat Away is a game that turns the simple task of seating passengers into a challenging and engaging puzzle. Players are presented with a layout of seats, some of which are in the way of passengers trying to find their places. Your task is to strategically move these seats around so that all passengers can be seated. As you progress through levels, the complexity of seat arrangements increases, making it more difficult to find the right path for each passenger. The game tests your problem-solving skills and patience, as you maneuver through the puzzles to ensure everyone has a seat.

Master the Art of Seating

Every level in Seat Away brings a new challenge, with seats and passengers arranged in patterns that require thoughtful planning to solve. The game’s objective is simple: move seats to create a clear path for passengers to reach their seats. However, as you advance, you’ll encounter levels where the solution is not so straightforward, requiring you to think several moves ahead. This gameplay mechanic not only keeps the game interesting but also provides a satisfying sense of achievement with each level completed. Whether you’re looking for a casual game to unwind or a brain teaser to keep you sharp, Seat Away offers a unique blend of puzzle-solving and strategy.

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