Riot Of Willy

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Are you searching for the entertainment that can bring you a good portion of thrills? Then it is time to delve deeper into Riot of Willy. The player will find himself in the heart of the evil. Is that possible to survive from this nightmare? Not everyone will manage, to be honest. But if you have succeeded in other horror stories, you surely have a chance to escape here as well. Are you ready to step inside the mysterious house and unveil some of its secrets? Warning – it may cost you life!

How did it all start?

All we know is that there is one forgotten house in the deep forest. It belongs to Dr. Willy. This character is known for his evil experiments on people. He even invented a magical substance that could turn people into monsters. And the worst thing is that he used it to see the results. The rumors say that the place is full of evil creatures who are just waiting for live souls to refresh their energies. You know well that one of these cruel experiments is now underway. And you must save that poor victim until it is too late. Are you ready to enter this terrible trap and find out the truth about it? Be prepared for never-ending traps and risky situations!

Use a radio to move through!

Once you get inside, you will immediately feel the sinister atmosphere. You have no idea where to move and what to do. But you know that you are in danger! The evil Dr. Willy is awaiting you here. But he is not alone. An army of monsters is here too! These evil creatures have prepared a lot of traps for you. Only super agility and attentiveness will help you survive. In the house, you will be able to interact with different objects. Do not neglect a walkie-talkie you find here. It will enable you to get in touch with that man who was the last who suffered from the terrible substance. Now he is in the process of transformation. Is there still a chance to save that poor creature? Or will you become the next victim of the insane doctor? Your path will be a true nightmare! You will need to find a way to clear this house of all creatures to survive?

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