Reus 2

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In this game, you will meet giants with elemental powers. These are rulers of the ocean, forest, swamp and mountains. The characters can completely change the world to their liking. But there is one thing beyond their control – and these are people. Before the start, you must select a personage whose role you want to assume. Each level comes with a set of tasks you need to complete. After creating the world, you will populate it with people and begin to develop it. Now you are to invent a plan in which direction you want to proceed.

What world will you manage to create?

You will not be able to predict the outcome. You can make the planet a real paradise for its inhabitants. But wrong actions will have a different effect – the planet will gradually die out. But even being almost a god, you are not allowed to make decisions for people. You can help them and give them enough resources to progress but you cannot influence their mind. Only when you see that people are making a lot of mistakes and approaching some disaster, you can interfere and give them a hint on how to avoid bad consequences. Are you ready to check what you will achieve in this unconventional project! There are a lot of endings possible here.

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