Rainbow Friends

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How do you think a proper monster should look like? You probably imagine a vile creature with huge sharp teeth, long claws and generally spooky appearance. Rainbow Friends are not like that at all. Looking at them for the first time, you will probably be inclined to think these are some kind of toys, especially given the fact that you will meet them at an amusement park. However, don’t be fooled by their friendly disguise – they are actually quite dangerous!

Escape the park and beware of the monsters!

In this fascinating horror game, you’ll have to explore an eerie and deserted location looking for a way out. The whole adventure lasts for five nights. And every night there will be a certain mission for you to complete while also trying to get away from the rainbow-colored monsters that are hunting you. Making it through the entire week won’t be easy. Will you manage to do it?

Lots of thrill and suspense!

Highly atmospheric and suspenseful, filled with screamers and jumpscares, Rainbow Friends will definitely make a great addition to the list of your favorite horror games. Plunge into this gripping story right now and try to get out of this mess alive!

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