Raft Life

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Raft Life presents an exhilarating gaming experience. The storyline revolves around a resilient protagonist who awakens amidst the aftermath of a prolonged shipwreck. Within the captivating realm of Raft Life, you must procure timber, gather essential resources, engage in fishing expeditions, and even acquire companions. The harsh reality of existence on a buoyant raft presents numerous challenges. Vigilance is required to ward off relentless sharks and protect your makeshift haven. Surrounded by boundless azure waters, you find yourself devoid of any national territories. Harness your unparalleled craftsmanship and survival skills to forge a personal island on Rafi, a haven of your own creation. To sustain life on this seafaring vessel, you must partake in a variety of essential tasks. From felling trees and constructing new sections for your Rafi to engaging in fruitful fishing endeavors and even cultivating crops, your survival is contingent upon your ability to adapt and thrive.

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