Project Playtime Horror

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You will be happy to know that a new adventure in the famous toy factory is already released. This time, you will enjoy multiplayer for seven participants. It already sounds cool, doesn’t it? So let’s learn what it is about. You will be back to the factory to meet a new monster. This time, it is a strange creature with a dinosaur head – Boxy Boo! He is not less scary than the previous antagonists. Just look at his sharp teeth and long claws. It is more than clear that he will kill you the same moment he manages to catch you. And the best thing is that the role of the monster will be performed by one of the players. Are you ready to test it?

Choose your character!

You will have a chance to decide whether you join a team of players or transform into Boxy Boo. In the first case, you will need to find several spare parts hidden in the factory and construct a giant toy. It will be a risky mission as insane toys will not stop hunting you. Exploring the factory will turn into a challenge, in which you risk your life every minute. You will also need to complete a handful of thrilling tasks to obtain the necessary hints and escape this scary place. But if you choose to play for a monster, there is only one mission to complete – you must kill them all! Just follow your opponents and try to attack them when they least expect it. For the best experience, test your skills in both roles. It will be an adventure full of thrills and jumpscares.

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