Project Playtime Boxy Boo

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Your favorite horror game has prepared a new trial for you! It is a new adventure in the old toy factory, and, what is most exciting, you will meet a new monster! Do you agree it sounds thrilling? So welcome to Boxy Boo Project Playtime! This time, it is multiplayer for seven users. The best part is that one of the player will transform into an antagonist and hunt the other participants. It will be an epic confrontation. So make sure you go through this experience as soon as possible!

Challenge Boxy Boo or play for him!

So what is the mission in this chapter? Six players need to carefully explore each corner of this place and find six spare parts. These are needed to assemble a huge toy that will help them escape from this dangerous place. But each player is in danger as the terrible Boxy Boo is just waiting for the moment to catch them one by one. Just look at this creature – the dinosaur’s head with a mouth full of giant teeth and hands with sharp claws. So when he reaches you, there are no chances to remain alive. Moreover, the enemy can transform into other monsters to trick the players. So do your best to complete all missions and escape. Or, if you choose to play for Boxy Boo, do your best to kill them all!

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