Project Playtime All Jumpscares

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The popular project about toy factory has become unbelievable popular right after its release. Every new episode comes with a new monster and lots of new jumpscares. The third chapter of the series has been designed as multiplayer. This time, you will unite forces with your friends to go through unspeakable horrors. Boxy Boo is already waiting to deal with everyone who dares to step inside his territory. So be ready for unbelievable thrills!

Are you brave enough for this challenge?

If you believe that heartbreaking sounds and monsters following you on your heels are too scary, this game is not for you. You will have to go through lots of jumscares in this chapter. Your enemy will be using every moment to scare the hell out of you. Just have a look at Boxy Boo – his head looks as though it belongs to a dinosaur! And his teeth are just waiting to sink in your flesh. Even if he is designed as a jack-in-the-box and his legs and arms are fixed with springs, the opponent is very agile and move quite fast around the location. Will you manage to find all spare parts of a giant toy to construct it and run away before Boxy Boo catches you? Alternatively, you can try the role of the monster yourself, which is an absolutely new option in this game!

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