Project Playtime 2

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Strange events in the old toy factory continue! The fans of Poppy Playtime know the terrible story about this place. Everything started long ago, when something terrible happened here and all workers vanished! There were many efforts to investigate this mysterious disappearance but with no success. But one day, a brave guy decided to put an end to evil rumors. However, he also got into trouble as the factory turned out to be a trap full of toy monsters. The first chapters of the series are about the hero’s survival and runaway from the evil creatures. But a new episode is even more exciting, as now, you can play in the company of friends. However, there is one exciting detail – one of you will transform into a monster!

Will you manage to run away from Boxy Boo?

The new antagonist looks even scarier than the enemies you met before. Boxy Boo is a strange creature with a body of a jack-in-the-box and a head of a dinosaur. When he opens his wide mouth – you can see terrifying teeth. And just have a look at his paws – the sharp claws will immediately make you feel goosebumps down your back. The antagonist will be hunting all the other players – there will be size of them this time. The best thing is that you can now play for this evil creature yourself! If you choose the role of a peaceful player, then you will have a difficult task – to find spare parts and construct a giant toy! This is the only way to leave this dreadful location safe and sound. Will you manage it? No matter what role you choose, tons of fun are guaranteed! So welcome to the toy factory!

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