Poppy Playtime

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Show your talent as a detective in Poppy Playtime. A long time ago, a children’s factory for the production of the most interesting toys worked in the city. The children of this village were delighted and proud to have a famous plant on their territory. But one day, the company closed and gradually stopped selling its favorite products. The kids had absolutely nothing to play with.

After decades, a strange message comes to the address of one of the former residents of the town. By all indications of SMS, this note is associated with the events of past years. Help our character uncover a chain of mysterious incidents. Bring the Poppy Playtime villains to the surface. Find the key in each message, move towards the exit slowly but surely.

Poppy Playtime is a game that successfully combines several genres at once: puzzle, adventure and horror, as well as survival in a cruel and unpredictable world. The storyline will tell us about the existence of an abandoned toy factory, where our main character turned out to be, who now has to face numerous trials and try to save his own life.

Go to explore the environment, explore numerous locations, get valuable resources and clues, as well as collect the necessary information that will help you uncover the main secret and escape from this ill-fated place as quickly as possible. Take on challenges, uncover dark secrets and develop your own skills to cope with more difficult situations. You have a lot of opportunities to achieve your goal, which you need to use correctly in order to successfully complete the mission!

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