Poppy Playtime Horror

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Toys are designed to bring happiness and laughter to children. After all, what could be better than sleeping peacefully in your bed with your favorite teddy bear or drinking tea from small plastic cups with a doll that can talk to you in a mechanical voice? But the toys from Poppy Playtime are very different. Behind the soft upholstery, behind lace dresses and golden curls, there is a terrible anger and a thirst for murder. You can see it for yourself by playing this exciting game!

Here you have to conduct a whole investigation on an abandoned toy factory. Once this company flourished, and the conveyors buzzed busily for days, releasing more and more batches. But one day everything changed. The plant was closed, the employees disappeared somewhere. No one understood anything, the police just threw up their hands, and the ubiquitous reporters were unable to sniff out anything. And now, after so many years, you come back here to find out the truth.

To do this, you will have to scout everything thoroughly. The factory is large, it consists of many workshops and rooms. You need to go into each of them and look around carefully. Perhaps the clue is somewhere close, you just need to pay attention to it. The entrance to some rooms will be protected by turnstiles and electric doors, which must be opened by pressing the appropriate lever or choosing a code. Solving these puzzles adds a separate intrigue to the gameplay. You need to show logic and ingenuity to unblock the entrance to all workshops.

And of course, be extremely careful! After all, the devil’s toys are not asleep. They are already watching your every move, and it’s only a matter of time before they decide to attack. There are seven monsters in the game, including the leader – a blue freak named Huggy Wuggy. He’s the most dangerous here! Get ready for a sudden and frightening turn of events!

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