Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 Unblokced

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Would you like to know about further events in the toy factory? Then welcome to Poppy Playtime chapter 3 unblokced! This time, new terrible discoveries await you. It will be quite a shocking thing to learn about an orphanage that was well hidden in the heart of the abandoned factory. If you played the previous chapters, you know that lots of dangers have been prepared for you. The supposedly abandoned place teems with monstrous plush toy. These creatures are bloodthirsty and aggressive. Are you sure you will be able to survive in their lair? Let’s give it a try!

Find all the clues!

There is no way back, unfortunately! You have been trapped anyway! Now you have only a tiny chance to remain alive. But for this, you must get the clues to all the puzzles you encounter. It will not be easy as insane toys will use every favorable moment to capture you! Do your best not to become their new victim. Someone must dig out the truth about this frightening factory, no matter how scary it may be. Use your upgraded grabpack to scan everything around and move forward! Best of luck!

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