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POOLS captivates players with an experience that transcends traditional gameplay, resembling a visit to an interactive art exhibit more than a conventional video game. Here, the focus is not on completing objectives or solving complex puzzles but on immersing oneself in a meticulously crafted environment that challenges one’s perceptions and navigation skills. The game’s minimalist design, devoid of direct challenges or adversaries, allows for a unique exploration experience, where the mere act of moving through spaces becomes the core of gameplay.

The Role of Acoustics in Atmosphere

In the absence of a user interface or dialogue, POOLS leverages its sound design to create a compelling atmosphere and convey its narrative. Every sound in the game—from the echo of footsteps to the change in tone when entering different rooms—enhances the player’s immersion. This attention to acoustic detail ensures that each environment is not only visually distinct but also audibly unique. Walking through water or encountering changes in the echo as you enter new spaces serves to intensify the game’s immersive quality, making the world of POOLS feel alive and responsive to the player’s presence.

Dynamic Environments as Storytellers

Though POOLS lacks a conventional story or characters, it presents a narrative through the evolution of its environments. Each of the six chapters introduces players to new settings that subtly change in appearance and feel, suggesting a narrative progression through architectural transformation. This evolving landscape encourages continuous exploration and interaction, as players seek to uncover the mysteries held within each uniquely designed chapter. The game’s world, with its ever-shifting rooms and corridors, becomes a silent storyteller, engaging players with its visual and atmospheric shifts that hint at a deeper, unseen lore.

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