Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Welcome to a new installment in the Pokemon series – it Scarlet and Violet, a cool adventure in an open world. As before, you are hunting after cute creatures. They can be found everywhere – in the cities and in the deserts, and even in the forests. You collect them all in one team. But, at the same time, you become responsible for them and their well-being. You even need to train your wards and let them master various skills.

Enjoy new characters and maps!

In this release, you meet five new Pokemon characters at once. Immerse in a totally new adventure and enjoy various forms of interaction with these lovely personages in an open world – you can even go on a picnic. And what is absolutely exciting – you can even kiss your character! All events unfold in the Paldea region. The environment has been inspired by the nature of Portugal and Spain. Your Pokemon will wander across picturesque maps and fight their wild opponents. Catch or trade characters to form a strong team, and then train them and explore the surrounding location together with your virtual friends. There are a lot of new features to enjoy in this episode. Go through different challenges, and do not miss testing multiplayer mode!

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