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This game offers an exciting twist on the well-known Sudoku puzzle. What is different now? Instead of using numbers, you will operate with adorable characters. You will be delighted to know these characters are Pokémon! Similar to the original game, the task involves filling a grid that has nine boxes. Each box must contain the correct character, but the challenge lies in the fact that you have only nine attempts to solve this tricky task. There is no allowance for error if you are determined to win. And keep in mind that each Pokémon can only be used once. After you make a selection, you cannot change anything – so, are you still up for the challenge?

Some things to know

Here’s a little extra insight: while interacting mainly with Pokémon types, you will also need to specify additional details in the third column of the grid. These details can include region names, various legendary Pokémon, and more. You will receive some hints to help you determine the character you need. It is a daily puzzle, so if you do not crack it today, you will have to accept it! But you can tackle a fresh challenge tomorrow. If you love hunting pocket monsters, you will adore this captivating brain-teasing adventure. It promises plenty of enjoyment!

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