Pokedoku Unlimited

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Pokedoku Unlimited is a boundless version of the popular Pokedoku game. In this version, players are presented with an extensive array of Pokémon characters and need to arrange them on the grid without repeating. This is an endless challenge for puzzle enthusiasts and Pokémon fans alike. Unlike the traditional game, this unlimited version does not restrict the number of attempts. You can explore and enjoy countless combinations, each featuring a variety of cute characters. This means you can continue playing and honing your skills without restrictions. The game also comes with a range of grids with different levels of difficulty. So both beginners and experienced players will love it.

Train to the fullest!

It’s an opportunity to put your Sudoku and Pokémon knowledge to the test and further immerse yourself in the delightful world of pocket monsters. This project is perfect for those who enjoy the logical and strategic elements of number-guessing puzzle and appreciate the charm of Pokémon. With its never-ending and captivating challenges, the game provides an unlimited source of entertainment and mental stimulation. Immerse yourself in an endless journey of fun and tricky puzzles.

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