Please Stop Crying

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Please Stop Crying thrusts players into the everyday chaos of a father trying to manage household chores while caring for a crying baby. This scenario captures the essence of what many new parents face daily, but twists it into a horror game setting that emphasizes the intense stress and urgency of parenthood. Players must navigate through a series of tasks in their home, each complicated by the need to also keep the baby calm, all before the mother returns.

Gameplay Mechanics: A Race Against Time

In this fast-paced FPS game, players are challenged to complete a variety of household chores while intermittently attending to the baby’s needs to prevent a full-blown meltdown. The game is designed to keep players on their toes, constantly prioritizing tasks and responding to the unpredictable demands of childcare. Achieving all tasks quickly not only tests players’ multitasking skills but also offers the rewarding title of “DAD OF THE YEAR” for those who excel.

Retro Visuals and Lighthearted Horror

Please Stop Crying features crisp graphics inspired by the 90s era, enhancing the nostalgic feel while contributing to the game’s unique atmosphere. Despite its horror label, the game approaches the theme with a lighthearted touch, focusing on the comedic and absurd aspects of managing domestic life under pressure. This blend of horror and humor creates an engaging and entertaining gameplay experience that resonates with anyone who’s ever faced the trials of looking after a child.

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