Pikmin 4

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In this exciting world, space traveling is really well-loved, but it is a very risky venture. Apparently, its inhabitants have not yet had time to fully understand the structure of the universe and how to resist dangers and emergency situations, because accidents happen here almost every day! This time the crew crashed, and because of this they ended up on an unfamiliar planet. Even the rescuers couldn’t help them and they also found themselves in trouble. They can’t cope without you, so get equipped and hurry to help – they won’t last long!

Your army

Colorful little guys are your troops, which you can take on your journey around the planets. All of them are unique and have special powers – some of them are resistant to the elements, which are a threat to you. It follows that wise management of the tiny helpers will ensure the successful fulfillment of your noble mission.

Some will stay at home

Unfortunately, the number of cute assistants you can take with you is limited, as well as the number of their species. Try to find as many versatile fighters as possible to assemble a team that will definitely be able to solve all the problems!

Repair the spacecraft to bring the lost poor people back home. Defeat the enemies, because this will not only guarantee your safety but will also affect the speedy repair of the spaceship. As you improve your ship’s radar by completing glittering material-collecting missions, you increase the chance of finding the captain and his crew.

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