Night Bus

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In the driver’s seat of Night Bus, players navigate the dual challenges of managing a realistic bus route and unraveling a supernatural enigma in the heart of 1999 New Zealand. As the bus courses through the picturesque settings—from quaint towns with charming architecture to pastoral landscapes peppered with grazing sheep—players engage in the core responsibilities of a bus driver. This includes the meticulous collection of fares, timely pick-up and drop-off of passengers, and the maintenance of a strict schedule across varied terrain.

Mystery on the Move

Yet, it’s not all pastoral serenity and routine stops. The Night Bus harbors a chilling secret, known ominously as That Which Has No Eyes. This spectral presence introduces a thrilling undercurrent to every shift you work, blending the ordinary elements of bus simulation with the extraordinary tension of a ghostly thriller. Equipped with a sophisticated CCTV system, you keep an anxious watch over your passengers and the empty seats that might not be as vacant as they seem. This system, cutting-edge for the late ’90s, becomes your main ally in monitoring the eerie disturbances that occasionally ripple through the calm of your nightly routes.

Night Bus envelops players in an atmosphere where everyday tasks are tinged with an air of mystery and suspense. The game skillfully intertwines the authenticity of a public transit simulator with the intrigue of a paranormal storyline, offering a gameplay experience that captivates both simulation aficionados and lovers of supernatural lore. As you navigate both the roads and the mysteries of this night bus, your actions and choices pulse at the heart of the narrative, driving the story forward with every decision made behind the wheel.

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