Nextbot Graveyard

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In this game players help Muncie find his lost children in a mysterious cemetery. Muncy is a father whose children have disappeared without a trace in the cemetery where they came to play. Players will have to explore different corners of the cemetery, look for clues and collect items that will help in the search for Muncie’s children. Here you should listen carefully to the different sounds and go for that sound. You will have a special radio that will track the frequency of the sound and help you in your search. On their way, they will encounter many obstacles and dangers that must be overcome in order to advance. Muncie will stay in touch with the players and give hints and instructions when needed. His desperation and hopelessness will be understandable to anyone who finds themselves in the graveyard in search of his lost children. Nextbot Graveyard is a fascinating game that will allow players to plunge into the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the cemetery. The game is made in the point-and-click genre, which will allow you to interact with the items on the screen and use them in combinations to reach the goal. If you are ready to accept the challenge and help Muncie find her lost children, then join the Nextbot Graveyard game and go on a dangerous and exciting graveyard adventure.

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