My Child Lebensborn

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A Story of Care and Consequences

My Child Lebensborn invites players into the post-war era to raise a child born of war, specifically, a Lebensborn child in Norway. This narrative-driven simulation game offers a profound experience, focusing on the challenges and responsibilities of parenting under the shadow of historical prejudices. Players adopt a young Lebensborn child, guiding them through their formative years while confronting societal backlash and the scars left by conflict. Through daily interactions, players must balance the needs of their child, addressing their physical well-being, emotional health, and educational growth, all within the context of a society struggling to move past its wartime experiences.

Decisions That Shape a Life

Every decision impacts the child’s outlook on life, their happiness, and their understanding of their place in a world that views them with suspicion and sometimes outright hostility. The game delicately navigates themes of love, identity, and the search for acceptance, offering players a window into the complexities of parenthood against a backdrop of historical truths. As players dive deeper into the story, they are challenged to consider the far-reaching effects of their choices, crafting a narrative that is both deeply personal and universally relevant. Through its immersive gameplay and sensitive storytelling, My Child Lebensborn provides a unique lens on the human capacity for empathy and resilience.

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