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Welcome to a class of Ms. Lemons. It is a cool teacher that is going just to give you some tasks. You will see a board on the screen and the question displayed on it. The first level is devoted to math, and the problems look quite simple. But as you progress, things get a bit more complicated. You will proceed to geometry tasks. You need to think fast as you have only a few seconds to provide each response. Every failure will add a point of irritation to the teacher’s scale. And when it comes to memory test, you will really feel headache and the screen will literally get blurred in front of you. What is going on? Are you a complete looser? And why everything gets dark when Ms. Lemon’s irritation reaches 10?

You can cheat a little!

When the game restores, you see your teacher completely transformed! Now, she is angry and scary looking. Everything seems as a scene from a horror game. And you realize you are in danger. Ms.Lemons offers you to play three rounds of scissors, rock and paper! If you lose one round – you lose a hand, if you lose again – you lose eyes, and if you lose three rounds – you are dead! So try not to reach the maximum level of irritation. Use different things to keep going. Open the menu to see what you can get. Here you will see a hammer, a blower, a headache pill and many other things. Do not give up!

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