Mr. Hopps Playhouse 3

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Meet a new sequel to thrilling adventures of Mr. Hopps! You will again meet little Ruby and her terrible toy. This time, you will be able to enjoy the story in 3D format. In this new plot, the main heroine will find herself in an unknown mansion, and she will have to find a way out of it. There are lots of puzzles to solve here and a lot of different doors to enter. Only successful completion of all tasks will enable the girl to move forward. So join Ruby to help her find solutions in the most helpless situations. But note it is going to be quite scary!

Meet a lot of new personages!

It is not only evil rabbit that you will have to deal with in a new chapter. You are going to face other antagonists as well. These are Ms.Bo and Mr.Stripes! They used to be friendly plush toys – panda and tiger – until some evil entities possessed their souls. There is also a new personage – a shadow creature. These characters will jumpscare Ruby as she walks across the house. Help her overcome these hurdles and other obstacles and find Mr. Hopp. If you manage to find clues to all tasks, the girl will return to her house safe and sound. But what will happen to the evil rabbit? Join the game now to find out the end of the story!

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