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At first sight, it seems to be just another gameshow, like those that you’ve seen on TV dozens of times. But what happens behind the curtains is not for the wide audience to watch! Mr. Grease, your smiling host, is actually a serial killer. And you’re playing not for the cash (which you still can win if you’re lucky), but for your life! Are you in?

What’s Mr. Grease really up to?

Mr. Grease Gameshow is a team game. Which means you have more chances of surviving cause you’ll be with your friends – it’s always better to put as many heads together as possible when pondering over something as crafty as his puzzles! Every right answer will bring you money, and its amount will keep growing the further you progress. Yeehaw!

But, and here’s the kicker, if you mess up too many times, things take a dark turn… The stakes are sky high, the tension’s through the roof, and the puzzles are coming at you faster and faster. So, get ready to channel your inner genius, flex those brain muscles, and let’s outsmart the smartest evil genius on the block!

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