Minecraft 1.20.50

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The latest test release of Minecraft on Android introduces significant enhancements and additions, foremost among them being the introduction of Realms in their beta version. This update is designed to enrich the multiplayer experience by allowing players to use Realms even in beta versions of the game, with a standard Minecraft subscription. This opens up a new dimension of collaborative and continuous gameplay, enabling players to build and explore together in private, persistently online worlds.

Enhancements and New Features

The update includes an impressive tally of 18 changes, aimed at refining player interactions and enhancing informational resources within the game. Notably, the “How to Play?” screen has been completely overhauled to improve user accessibility and understanding. Additionally, a new “Encyclopedia” screen has been added, providing detailed insights into various Minecraft elements, including Netherite items. These changes are geared towards making information more accessible and enhancing the educational aspect of the game.

Gameplay Improvements and Error Fixes

In addition to informational upgrades, the update brings functional enhancements to gameplay elements such as the Patterned Vase, which now allows for storage of up to 64 stackable items and can interact with hoppers, dispensers, minecart with hopper, and comparators for more dynamic uses. Moreover, the realm of combat and interaction sees improvements; phantoms will no longer lose track of hovering players, and spawned mobs from spawn eggs can now join raids, increasing the dynamics of village defense. On the technical side, 8 critical bugs have been addressed, including fixes to librarian trades, boat exit mechanics, and death messages when dying in the Nether among others, ensuring smoother and more stable gameplay.

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