Mario Teaches Typing 2 Unblocked

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Enjoy a typing adventure like never before with Mario Teaches Typing 2 unblocked! Meet the cute character from your favorite cartoonish series. Now, the hero transforms into a teacher who will acquaint you with the secrets of a keyboard. The adventure uses lots of scenes from the Mario universe, as well as other characters. However, this time, the focus is on an educational element. All the quests you meet here are devoted to mastering typing skills. Are you ready to participate?

Learn without noticing it!

Your typing tutor has prepared a lot of learning trials for you. All of them look like exciting adventures with typing tasks. You will not even notice how engaging learning may be. The game transforms boring exercises into fun mini-games, perfect for the youngest. The game offers activities for all skills – from learning letters to more challenging tasks, including the need to type long sentences. Each level introduces something new. The walkthrough is accompanied by catchy music! Enjoy this cool game where funny typing activities turn the keyboard into a magical realm to explore. Get ready to have a blast while learning with Mario!

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